Success in real estate isn’t about luck or timing. It’s about having a data-driven strategy, combined with the skills, training and experience to achieve results. It’s also essential to have the ability to connect with clients, listen actively to their needs and wants in order to help them to articulate their goals accurately. Then we plan our journey together through Toronto real estate.


In addition to the best-in-class support I receive from Bosley Real Estate for professional services, I draw on over 15 years’ experience in marketing, which gives me the ability to advise my clients expertly on how to most profitably and swiftly buy and sell real estate.


Also, my passion for people- and for this great city of Toronto- sets me apart. I find joy in the little things, discovering new places, up-and-coming hot spots and spending time in Toronto’s many neighbourhoods. There is always something delightfully unexpected to experience.I also find joy in connecting with my clients and in being part of their real estate success.


For all your real estate needs, or to swap stories about what you love most about our great city, reach out!

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